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Pro Nurse Medical Cleaning Foam

Many thanks to the Czech Republic for the wonderful cooperation. Luca Medical and Cosmetics in Brno. www.pronurse.cz

Hidden safes are unique security products not only for the workplace but also for the home.

Unlike conventional safes and containers, they have the advantage of being usable on the move. Whether home, garden, workplace, hotel, workshop, camping, caravan, boat, garage, bathroom, kitchen:

This box safe has its uses everywhere and blends in with its natural surroundings.

Money, credit cards, jewellery, keys, confidential documents, medicines and other valuables or secrets: everything can be hidden discreetly.

Can safe made of Pro Nurse Washing Foam
Super volume secret compartment: 18 cm height / diameter 6 cm
Can : Total height 24 cm
The box can be opened with a hidden screw cap.

Tips from the secret compartment – bathroom – collection: hairspray, sunscreen and of course in the toilet brush.

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