Dosensafe Wernesgruener – Perfect camouflage


    Dosensafe Wernesgruener – Perfect camouflage


    Cansafe Wernesgrüner – Perfect camouflage for your valuables

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    Real authentic can of Wernesgrüner Beer

    Weighted to feel full.
    No accidental opening – can top must be screwed off for access.
    Great for the kitchen, office desk, dorm room, car and more.

    The Cansafe-Wernesgrüner Beer appears just like an actual beer can, but a secret compartment inside conceals your valuables. Burglars typically spend less than five minutes in a victim’s house and rarely search common household items, making the Cansafe-Wernesgrüner Beer the ideal product to hold your prized possessions.

    • Wernesgrüner Beer – 17oz. Beverage Can Safe – Made in Germany – Hidden Container
    • Handcrafted from a real Wernesgrüner Beer container, the Wernesgrüner Beer – 17oz. Beverage Can Safe is perfect for hiding cash, jewellery, USB-Sticks or other valuables
    • The Made in Germany Wernesgrüner – 17oz. Beverage Can Safe is weighted to feel like the original product.
    • Inconspicious, unspectacular – because made of real large beverage can (0.5 L/17oz.)
    • Ideal for home, vehicle or beach
    • Ideal for traveling
    • Made in Germany from an original Wernesgrüner Beer container
    • The can can be opened via a cleverly mounted screw cap
    • Weighted and feels like the original container
    • The deposit box has a capacity of 100 ml
    • Splash water protected
    • Size of beverage can: approx. height 6,3 Inch/Width 2,36 Inch

    Product/Prints/Graphics may vary slightly caused by seasonal/promotional campaigns. Includes one Wernesgrüner Beer – 17oz. Beverage Can Safe only.

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