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Remember if they can’t find it they can not steal it!

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Great for storing passports, currency, documents, jewelry, credit cards, keepsakes, account numbers and more. A real thick Book Safe with a hiding place inside to conceal your valuables. Great for your home, travel bag, office or dorm.
Designed to meet your needs our Book Safe is prefect because of its larger size which makes a great hiding place for those larger valuables.

The greatest, quality manufactured hollowed out book safe you will ever find! Remember if they can’t find it they can not steal it!

Product Features:
  • High quality and perfect fit into any book self
  • Protect your secrets without being found easily
  • Compact size, lightweight and room saving
  • Hollow dictionary, can store any gadgets
  • Different sizes from small to large dictionary safe
  • Product Material: Plastic Outside, Metal Inside
  • Product Size: 10.83″ x 7.48″ x 2.17″(in)

Package Included

  • 1 x Home Security Dictionary Safe Book (Blue or Grey)