Cansafe with a remarkably realistic look

Welcome at plasticfantastic! Secret Hiding Places, Stashes camouflaged as a Cansafe (Cansafe, Tin, Spray- or Aerosolcan) are unique security products not only for your home. The special hiding places are suitable for many little secrets and situations.

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hiding places
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what we have.

Our designs

1. Cansafe Beverages
2. Cansafe Food
3. Spraycans (Aerosole)
4. Booksafes

5. Secret Hiding Places (Stash Bolt)
6. Cosmetics with stashes
7. Chips
8. and more…

they love the idea.

Our partners

If you have questions, need a idea for a special gift, if you have a great new idea for a special hiding place or just want to share where you’ve taken your secret hiding place –  …

say hi.

Handmade in Berlin

More than 150 different designs, from beverage-can to  classic tin-can, from  spray-can to specia secret compartments for  little secrets..


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